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*austrian itinerant review_ bratislava, hong kong, nicosia, milano, ahus, vienna...

Austrian design culture has recently experienced a huge upswing. On the international design stage, contemporary design from Austria is standing for high quality. »GD2D + PD3D, fresh air by Austria Pure Design« is the name of an itinerant exhibition which features outstanding, extraordinary and unusual works of contemporary graphic and product design from Austria.
Much fresh air from Austria may be expected, as promise both JULAND* BarcelonaVienna, responsible for the concept, selection and architecture of the exhibition, and Stefan Moritsch (bkm working group) as guest curator in charge of the selection in the field of product design.
The big diversity and high quality of Austrian graphic design is shown in the form of illustrations and works from the fields of corporate design, editorial and promotion. The product selection, however, shows the clear profile of a single category: the chair as Austrian »supreme discipline«. The combination of product and graphic design is based on the fact that these two disciplines often merge naturally.
A breathtaking exhibition architecture toys with both dimensions - 2D for graphics and 3D for product design – giving the visitor an opportunity to interact. The whole exhibition is not exhaustive, but a subjective cross-section, which seduces the public to experience contemporary design from Austria and to appreciate it again.

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GD2D+PD3D | fresh air* by, vienna_2009/10